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Cover art by Saraf Anjum

Land acknowledgment

Eugene School District 4j, South Eugene High School, and your Axe Magazine online would like to acknowledge that our institution sits on the homelands of the Kalapuya people.

In the Treaties of 1851 and 1854-1855, and the subsequent forced removals of many Indian people from western Oregon, some of the Kalapuya were moved to the Grand Ronde Reservation and some were moved to the Siletz Reservation. It is important to note that all of Lane County was an important trading and gathering area for camas and other resources.

During the Restoration Era, from 1977-1989, Lane County was designated at the Service Area for the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians, the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Indians, the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, the Coquille Indian Tribe, and the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Indians.

Eugene 4J District and South wish to acknowledge that descendants of the original and Service Area inhabitants of this land are still here today. They are thriving members of our schools and our communities. Countless members of other Tribes now also call our community and schools their home.

We wish to thank those original stewards of this land. We as outsiders on this land wish to remember that we need to take good care of this land and take good care of all members of our school district and community. Thank you for joining us.

Land acknowledgement courtesy of Brenda Brainard.

Mission Statement

The Axe is dedicated to the goals and ethics of journalism. As a student-run publication, our mission is to both inform the student body and spark discussion among the student body about the news within South Eugene High School and the wider community. We function under an open forum policy. We accept and may use in our publication the feedback and commentary of our readers. Email all inquiries:


New YMCA Location

The Eugene YMCA is one step closer to their new building with the final purchase from Eugene 4j School District on March 2nd. All of the purchases total $2.85 million, over the course of the last six years.Their new building will be located on the former Roosevelt Middle School site. The land purchase is one of the last steps before groundbreaking, which is scheduled to begin in July and have a projected completion in December of 2023. The YMCA still needs $5 million in fundraising before July groundbreaking. The new Y promises an expanded health and wellness services, child care services, and an expanded Aquatics Center. Read more about the new Y at: – By Naomi Saenger

Fox Decoys

Springtime has arrived, and with it return the birds from their winter migration. As a result, South’s fields will once again become a minefield of bird poop. Geese are notorious for leaving unreasonable amounts of poop in inconvenient places. As a precaution to prevent geese from pooping on the baseball field, the school has taken action. Fox decoys have been placed on the baseball fields behind the school grounds to prevent geese from roaming too close to the field. These decoys are relatively realistic looking from afar, so do not be alarmed if you notice them. Joe Dingman

Photo by Joe Dingman

Arts and features

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New School Board Positions

By Natasha Dracobly

Two 4J school board members resigned last month, leading the board to open a search to fill the available positions. Martina Shabram, who was first to resign before spring break, had served since 2019 and was currently the board’s vice chair. She cited changes in her professional responsibilities as the cause for resignation. Mary Walston, who was the next to resign right after spring break, had served on the board since 2009; she cited health reasons as the cause.

Normally school board members are elected, but when a member resigns in the middle of their term, the remaining board has the option to appoint someone to fill the role. Thus far, former 4J teacher and Eugene Education Association leader Tom Di Liberto – who lost his race against incumbent and school board chair Judy Newman last year – has announced he has applied. The application window closes on Apr. 18, and the current board will vote to select the new members on Apr. 27. The voting process may be complicated by the fact that four votes from the board are needed to appoint a member, but there are currently only five people on the board. Additionally, the board is also in the midst of searching for a new superintendent, and the process – already well underway – must stay on track and be completed in a timely manner.

Art by Saraf Anjum

AP Test Resources

By Saraf Anjum

AP tests are right around the corner. Here are some resources to help you succeed!

Hopefully, you have already joined the AP Classroom. If not, make sure to contact your teacher about the practice resources and join your class. The daily videos and practice tests can be immensely helpful. All practice materials can be accessed under the Course Resources tab for your course. Here is the link to the main College Board page:

To discover more about the exam structure and test taking strategies, visit your course’s About the Exam page, and The Course to find out about exam weighting and the percentage of each chapter covered in the exam. You can find your course here in the ​​AP course index.

You can find a list of all the exam dates and times in the 2022 AP Exam Calendar.

Additional Resources and Tips:

If you are looking for extra practice, then The Princeton Review prep books are a great option! These include practice tests that provide easy explanations for each answer and useful advice about the exam. Find a list of all of their available books here.

Moreover, taking an AP test for the first time can be nerve-wracking and stressful, so reaching out to veteran AP students can be helpful.

Form study groups with your friends, and start preparing for the exam! Study groups are a fun and enjoyable way to grasp the material you don’t understand yet.

In case you have already used all of these resources, don’t be afraid to communicate with your teachers for additional full practice tests on AP central or tests from recent years.

Lastly, use flashcards, maintain a consistent study routine, and remember to relax! Good luck!