Your Axe Staff, Issue 7

Our favorite signs of spring

Mira Ciccarello, Reporter

My favorite sign of spring is waking up to sun shining through my window.

Natasha Dracobly, Reporter & Illustrator

Helen Evans, Reporter

Feeling a warm breeze blow through the trees.

Ivan Freck, Editor

The first sunny 60°F day that gives you false hope that it's not going to continue to rain for another two months. (Or the NCAA Tournament, but we'll get to that in a couple of weeks.)

Soju Hokari, Editor

The orange tinge that soaks through the greenery as a warmer sun dares to venture further than ever from the horizon.

Elita Kutateli, Reporter

James McKeon, Editor

Evelyn Mews, Axe Report

My favorite first sign of spring is the songbirds.

Naomi Saenger, Reporter

My favorite first sign of spring is grapefruit!

Bettina Wu, Reporter

My favorite first sign of spring is when the flowers start to bloom.

Bobbie Willis, Adviser

I don't usually do a March Madness bracket, but I love the excitement of it that comes with the start of spring.