Your Axe Staff

A few of our staffers Feature their quarantine culinary skills,

and Yay or Nay:

holiday music right after halloween?

Sports & Commentary Reporter Ivan Freck

I don't have a good photo I want to include, but I would like to say nay to Winter holiday music anytime other than December. And even then, it's too much.

Reporter & Illustrator Soju Hokari
  • Kimchi fried rice. And no, just because I'm Asian doesn't mean I know what I'm doing. I'm sure it is very inauthentic kimchi fried rice.

  • I am HYPED for Lil Nas X's 'Holiday,' which dropped Nov. 13

Reporter & Illustrator James McKeon
  • I haven't really made any food, but I did make this whipped coffee back when it was popular at the beginning of quarantine.

  • Winter music should be played year round, so absolutely yes.

Reporter Natasha Dracobly
  • Fall-themed cookies my family and I made and decorated.

  • Holiday music right after Halloween? Absolutely not.


  • Mira Cicarrello, junior

  • Sarah Dione, junior

  • Natasha Dracobly, sophomore

  • Elita Kutateli, junior

  • Sophia Telaroli, junior

  • Sarah Schenderlein, junior & The Axe Report producer


Bobbie Willis

  • This summer's "Liberty & Justice For All" blueberry pie I made with the berries my husband grows every year.

  • Normally, I think holidays should stay in their 4-week lane. But this is 2020, so I'll allow it.