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Mission Statement: The Axe is dedicated to the goals and ethics of journalism. As a student-run publication, our mission is to both inform the student body and spark discussion about the news within South Eugene High School and the wider community. We function under an open forum policy, meaning that we accept and are willing to publish – with grammatical edits – the feedback and commentary of our readers.


It's hard to believe that a year and a half ago, we all left South for Spring Break 2020, and we never went back.

Pandemic has reshaped every facet of life in ways we could not have imagined back then: We have learned how to social distance from one another; we Zoom; we wear face coverings; we are becoming masters of CDL.

Now more than ever, South students need the coverage, reporting, and connection that can only come from your own student-journalist peers of The Axe Magazine Online.

We are developing ways to involve you, our readers, in the publication this year. We look forward to hearing about your experiences, seeing images of what life looks like in this new landscape, and creating a forum for your opinions on the issues and causes that are most important to young people today.

We plan to have new content every two weeks to start the year, but our goal is to update weekly. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you'll make it a habit to check in.


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